Community Work is Under Attack

Furious that he is facing a bold challenger, current New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has threatened the funding of progressive community organizations. Plain and simple, the Governor is putting his political ambitions over the well-being of immigrants, homeless families, our youth, all New Yorkers. Days after New York Communities for Change, Make the Road Action, and Citizen Action of New York endorsed Cynthia Nixon for Governor, he reportedly went as far as saying that he pulled tax filings of those groups, and that anyone who funds them can “lose [his] number”.

With Donald Trump in the White House, the last thing we need is a Democratic Governor undermining democracy in one of the most progressive states in the country. New Yorkers deserve more than to be a tool to further Andrew Cuomo’s political ambitions. We deserve a Governor who empowers our right to organize, our rights to our homes and our right to our communities. Stand up against Governor Cuomo's bullying -- support our Community Defense Fund.


Organizations Impacted

We hope you will support community organizations in this difficult moment. A healthy democracy depends above all on a healthy civic infrastructure, and that’s what our community organizations represent. Give your political, moral, and financial support today.


New York Communities for Change

With neighborhood groups in Brownsville, Sunset Park, East New York, Crown Heights, Flatbush, Bushwick, the South Bronx, Southeast Queens, Upper Manhattan, and in both counties on Long Island, New York Communities for Change lifts the voices of workers, tenants, immigrants, low income families across New York. Together in the past year, we won 10% of new luxury condominium units for homeless families; helped pass the Car Wash Accountability Act impacting thousands of tipped wage workers; challenged and beat two corrupt school board members in one of the state’s lowest-performing school districts; and convinced the nearly $200 billion New York City pension funds to stop investing in oil and gas corporations, which will benefit generations to come.


Community Voices Heard Power

We seek out, politically educate, train, encourage and support aspiring candidates of color; as well as persons that ideologically align, support, and further our agenda to advance low-income communities of color across our five New York chapters -- New York City, Westchester Co., Orange Co., Rockland Co., and Dutchess County-- and subsequently New York State.


Citizen Action of NY

Citizen Action of New York is a grassroots, multi-racial membership organization with chapters in Buffalo, Rochester, Utica, Binghamton, Albany/Schenectady, Mid-Hudson Valley, New York City and Long Island working to promote social, racial, economic and environmental justice. We organize everyday people, train and develop them as community leaders, and build grassroots power to win on issue campaigns and elections. We fight for a fair tax system where the rich pay their fair share, fully funded public schools, health care for all, worker and climate justice and a vibrant healthy democracy centered on voters, not big donors.


Make the Road Action

Make the Road Action (MRA) builds the power of immigrant and working-class communities to achieve dignity and justice.

How The Fund Works

These threats are not idle. They could result in reductions of vital programs and services in our communities. We have created this fund to replace threats with freedom and restore faith in the democratic process. Your support will enable our organizations to serve our communities without fear.

Donations will go to Community Defense Fund, a project of The Advocacy Fund.

This fund will be jointly managed by a council of representatives from each of the impacted organizations referenced here. This will ensure a proper distribution so that the great frontline community organizing and services provided by these organizations can continue.

Voices at Stake